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Lubritech Limited is a very unique and a fast paced company that is growing exponentially every year. We are operating in one of the most competitive and toughest country, and we are doing exceptionally well because of the extraordinary mix of people who choose to join us.
Come and grow with us and explore the endless opportunities in our company!

To learn more about the opportunities for you with Lubritech Limited, please contact our Human Resources Supervior @ hr@caifu64459.cn

Our Culture & Core Values
At Lubritech Limited, our company culture is designed to bring out the best in people, and everyone in the company embodies our core values: Customer Focus, Can Do Attitude, Teamwork, Performance & Results Oriented, and Integrity.
We strive to create a nurturing environment. We believe and committed in developing leaders within the company, and we offer continuous training and development in our company.

Life at Lubritech

Rewards & Awards
At Lubritech Limited, we recognize and reward outstanding individuals. Recognizing excellence has been part of Lubritech’s culture since its establishment in year 2010. The reward is our way of applauding the employees who excel themselves during their daily work.
Every month, our senior managers select and recognize outstanding employees and reward them accordingly.

Company Annual Trip and Annual Dinner
 At Lubritech Limited, our aim is to motivate our people and give them support and confidence working in our company. We create and custom craft our company trip every year to give our people an experience that will never forget.

Lubritech Recreation & Cafeteria Facilities
We are committed to offer activities that nourish and sustain our employees’ well being. The Pool Table, Games Room, and Ping Pong Table are some of the amenities that our employees get to enjoy during lunch hour.

Employee Engagement Activities
We believe that these employee engagement activities will keep the employees relaxed and refreshed. We specially designed these activities in order to make the employees emotionally attached to the work place and improve our teamwork. Here’s are some of the events that happen in Lubritech Limited:

1. Monthly Birthday Celebrations
Hosted by our HR team, we celebrate birthdays of employees every month. On the day of celebration, refreshments will be provided to everyone, and cake cutting ceremony by birthday celebrants (who will also will receive a gift voucher).
2. Monthly Department Dinner Gatherings

In addition to birthday celebrations every month, we also organize department dinner gatherings every month.

3. Weekly Badminton Session.
Lubritech Limited organizes badminton session every week. This is to ensure our people stay healthy and productive.