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Laboratory and Research Facilities

Our accredited world class laboratory and research facilities are fully equipped with the latest testing equipments and lubrication technologies that enable us to conduct testing and product formulation. With the help from the state-of-the-art testing equipments and our expertise, we pride ourselves on the quality products we provide to our customers. Our well-trained quality personnel committed and ensure our products surpass international specifications and standards.

 In addition to our comprehensive testing and quality assurance, we also conduct extensive research in our research facilities in order to produce innovative products to the market. At Lubritech, we have an engineering team that work closely with our customers and provide the best solution based on your specific needs.

Examples of our R&D Equipments:
1.       ICP Elementary Analysis – Shimadzu (Japan)
2.       Automatic Viscometer Analysis – Herzog (Germany)
3.       Cold Cranking Simulator – Cannon (United States of America)
4.       Automatic Pour Point – Tanaka (Japan)
5.       Automatic Titrator – Metrohm (Switzerland)
6.       Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test – Tanaka (Japan)
7.       Karl Fischer Coulometer – Mettler-Toledo (Switzerland)
8.       Many More..